To the Crew Members of Ashtar

butterfly_rainbow I have created a profile on the Ashtar Command Crew. I thought it would be a good way to network. I plan on posting Channelings that I don’t always post here on the page.

I am unlike most of the other Channelers on the site. Even if there is a wide range of Channelings.

So far I have received a friendly greeting. My first Channeling has 32 views in 6 hours. I also received two greetings. I have not set up the profile page perfectly yet, but did some small adjustments.

I do not know if my Channeling will ever be extremely popular on the site, as I do not consider myself a Professional Channeler. My messages can be a bit different from what is commonly found amongst Professional Channelers.

I forgot to add am image to my first post, and soon learned you cannot edit after posting. (Correction, I found a way to edit after posting a blog.) I will slowly get a feel for the site. For now I off to create a Banner for the site.

Hoping this venture proves fruitful,


Categories: Beginnings

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