Kryon or Sheldon Nidle (with a little Channeling) Plus explanation of RV

Let me introduce the topic. I was reading the weekly Sheldon Nidle after having just listened to the latest Kryon Channeling. Kryon had said that the transformation would take 17 years from the year 2012 so 14 more years. Yet Sheldon Nidle was talking about transformation happening ‘Now.’

I think Sheldon Nidle is referring to the RV, which despite my blog post on UFO RVs, I know does not mean Recreational Vehicle in this case.


Here is an email that explained to me what RV is

Well, dear Elisabeth… it is a L O N G story…
RV:  ReValuation 
    of:  Iraqi Dinar
          Vietnamese Dong
          Other currencies
Over a year ago, the Lightworker community was alerted to do some controlled purchasing of some of these currencies – soon to revalue into much higher valuations than today’s purchase price.  Many did. Especially the Dinar and Dong.  RV is imminent … moments, so it seems.
However, if you are fortunate enough to get to a Wells Fargo bank and buy what ever Dong you can afford – you would be in a position to go back in in the near future and exchange it at the new, much higher valuation.  All you need is time and money!  
That is the story!
With my love,


This is the Anne from Hollow Earth Network. I didn’t go to a Wells Fargo bank. Though Nexus was talking about planning on getting me some extra money to do as Anne says and that he would delay the RV (in my timeline) until he thought I had invested enough. (Nexus is my Fae friend. I can Channel him too. I just tend not to post those messages.)


None the less, despite what Nexus is trying, Sheldon Nidle says the RV is going to happen NOW. I did debate Nexus on whether he should try to delay the RV, as people are waiting. He said he would keep up their hope, and it would only be a short delay.


I’m thinking he would only be able to delay until two weeks after the New Year. At first, he had told me not to worry about the RV, that I would be taken care of. But he reconsidered.


So I am apologizing to all those waiting, in case Nexus is serious. For all I know this could be a test, and he has no intention of delaying. Either way, we shall see.


I was reading Sheldon Nidle and thinking who was right. I channeled a message. I had expected the message to tell me that they were both right, just they were talking about different things. The message I received was as follows.


Please explain why Kyron says things will take 14 more years of struggle, yet many other channelers are saying things will happen by the end of the year.

‘Many other channelers’ is a broad term. So I will sum it up as Kryon vs Sheldan Nidle. There are multiple timelines. Both are right, but each person will find himself or herself on one or another.

We have explained how we plan your timeline to go. You do not need to go into detail as we were using metaphors to help you feel that you need not worry. Time will tell how metaphorical we were.

Here is one timeline. The Kryon one. The hard work of people like you, who some might call Lightworkers, but it is not limited to Lightworkers, will help usher in the New World. The Lightworkers will find themselves strangely supported as the world transforms.

Here is another timeline. The Sheldan Nidle one. The transformation of the New World will happen quickly. You will quickly find yourself supported in new ways as the dreams of the world unfold.

What if I were to tell you that both can be right or wrong. It is for your Soul to decide the timeline best for it. Either way, something is true. The future will not look like the past. Support is coming your way from unexpected places. I intend for you to post this Channeling. We have already told you, Lisa, which timeline you are on. It is a bit of a combination of the two.


Yet, if it is a metaphorical telling, how will I know what this timeline you told me of was?

Simply put, we will support you. You will have more than enough to survive. While the transformation of this world will be turbulent, your life will be stable. We cannot tell you literally what will happen because you cannot imagine it. So we used metaphors for not having to worry about money.

There are many others reading this who have picked the same Timeline. They will be the ones leading the changes in the world. They will pick their talent, which is what they love to do most, and use it in the metamorphosis.

I am telling you, Lisa, you will be known more for your writing than your artwork. You have a few books in you that need to be written. It is up to us to provide you with that starting motion. You have long known you are meant to write, and yet, you also know that it isn’t the right time to start. So it is up to us to send a sign you cannot refuse. When it is time to start your book, you will know it.

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  1. Writing from Africa, a highly brainwashed asset of the dark cabal, whose people, unlike Native Americans that retained their ancient, indigenous perspective on the universe,prefer the blind mimicry of Western materialist life ways, I can understand Kryon’s timeline. But I don’t want it for myself. I don’t want it for our New Earth either. I prefer to have Nidle’s timeline where total disclosure and eradication of deception is the optimum total reality of the New Earth NOW. I don’t even want to entertain any remote mix of both timelines. Lol. There is something suggestive of a triumph of the base unyielding dark energies in forcing the timeline to another needless seventeen years! It wearies Lightworkers whose lives are a timeline of the fifth dimensional New Earth sadly lagging in the alternate preferred reality of a rousing humanity. May the Company of Heaven alight in full force and glory to set the planet fully lighted in glorious, positive photon waves, to usher in the landing of our Universal brothers and sisters upon our soils, and release completely and fully the truth and technology that for so long have been hidden from the consciousness and benefit of the people of the world. NOW.

    • I think you have decided which timeline you want to be on. I believe that many Native Americans have managed to retain an indigenous perspective, but not all. Considering what they went through, it is a testament to their strength. Sometimes I wonder what my culture would have been like if Christianity and Romans hadn’t attacked the indigenous culture of Europe. Even those of us with little knowledge of our ancestors indigenous perspective carry it deep in our bones so that when we do deep self work we can unlock it.

      I wish that it were as easy as saying we want disclosure now, but I think you already have a personal knowledge of disclosure so that you can transform your own life, now.

      I wrote this over a year ago, and have learned much since that time. Perhaps your timeline will see Disclosure before mine, perhaps we will be on the same timeline. Or as close to the same as possible.

      Thank you for commenting.

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