Introducing the Prefect Berry (MBerry) for Sugar Lovers (taste sugar without the bad effects)

purple_branchMBerry is a safe tablet to use to alter your taste buds. Things that normally taste Sour tastes sweet. I originally watched this video for entertainment and thought little of it.

Being part Irish around St. Patricks Day, I started watching FACTS after running into it on youtube. I was feeling the Irish Spirit.

Last night I had a dream about the potential of this product. Originally it was a typical dream where I had supernatural powers to quickly grow plants, and make them produce fruit year around. I could grow Oranges in the middle of winter in Michigan. My Dad was in charge of dinner and made some sort of 50’s style burger pizza. Then Got7 came, and I had to explain what inspired my Dad to make such horrible food. etc

I do not quite remember the train of thought where I end up in a gas station talking to someone who used the MBerry, and purposely drank tea, unsweetened bitter tea. With the tablet he said it tasted like Southern Sweet Tea.

He was using the MBerry to enjoy foods that were healthy. The website says the MBerry is safe and natural.

I was imagining a new diet for people with sugar problems. Places could start selling the MBerry along with things like Bitter Tea. In the Grocery Story there could be the MBerry Aisle of foods that taste better with the MBerry.

It appears there are two ways to get this product. You can grow mberries yourself. (They sell one year old plants for $90 or seedlings for $30.) Or you can buy the tablet. I am not sure which works better, or the environment needed to grow a mberry plant. (It is from West Africa, and can be grown as an indoor plant, however, bright light is needed. So right near the window. When eating the fruit avoid the pit, which is apparently bitter.) The fruit is tasteless, but turns Sour, Bitter and Acidic foods Sweet to the taste.

This has the potential to change the game. I think this is one of the plants that nature provides us with to heal illness. This illness would be the sugar tooth.

Perfect Christmas Gift to those forced to avoid sugar. I’d get it for my Dad, but I am afraid he wouldn’t try it. So you might want to combo this Gift with Sour/Bitter Foods for them to eat during the Christmas Celebrations.

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