How to find Channelers on the Web

I started out many of my searches for Channelers on Youtube. If you watch a video for one Channeler, others are likely to be recommended to you.

On Youtube there are many Channelers, and sites that post robot readings of channeled messages (with a link to the original). Three such Channels are: Family of Light, Awakening Our Truth, and Galactic Updates. These Channels will have related Channels on the side if you want to find more. Following the links in the video will often lead to the site of the Channeler.

This is how I found (already recommend on this site) Joanna L. Ross, and her radio show, University Unity New Earth Consciousness.

However there are other good places to find Channelings, WordPress site Oracle and Healers, will link to a number of WordPress Channelers. Also non-wordpress site Ashtar Command Crew is filled with messages from Channelers and Channelers themselves. I was going to write a post announcing this Crew alone, but felt better to enable others to start their own search.

Through a post on the Ashtar Command Crew I discovered a new Blog Talk Radio Channeling Program. Now the BlogTalkRadio is filled with Spiritual Radio Programs, but it is hard to find a good one with the high amount of stations. So discovering a New Radio Program to listen to is always a plus. The Radio Program is called: Channel Panel: With God and Guests. After reviewing the Channel Panel more, I might make a post about the program that isn’t hidden near the end of another post.

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