Channeling of a Pleiadian


Dear Pleiadian, I am looking for a channeling to post on my blog. While I thank you for your kind message, the last channeling was highly too personal to be posted. May I please channel another message from you?

Okay, but I do have more to say on the other topic first.

I will deal with that topic day by day, and do not want to think about it at this moment. Protective light surrounds us to create a positive channeling.

Then I will just say Congratulations. Be proud of your accomplishments, and perhaps one day you will be willing to share them.

Thank you, and now for the message?

Will you write what I say without bias, realizing that just because your fingers are recording my words, doesn’t mean you are personally saying them.

I will try.

Good, trying is a start. You are notorious for not posting a channeled message if it doesn’t meet your standards. I am asking you to post this message.

If it is not personal, I will.

Much success on the human plain was made last night. Success in the personal battles we all fight. It might be confusing to refer to such things as a battle, when they are actually personal growth. A great many who will come across this message have made great progress, which they need be proud of. Lisa isn’t the only one I need to say Congratulations to, but she is the one writing this message.

I recommend you seek your own source of Channeling. Preparing it with as much ritual and protection as you see fit. Lisa here, choose to open this channel with protection whereas before she just randomly started. She is dealing with her own personal battle against the darkness at this point, which she does not want to talk about. She had heard another Channeler say there was no need for protection in Channeling anymore, but she is now doubting those words. I will not answer the question of whether protection is needed before taking on such a task, but invite you to decide based on your personal experiences. Do not let any other person tell you to seek protection you feel you do not need in channeling, but also do not let others tell you to not seek protection when you feel you need it. This is a personal choice that only you can answer, for there is no one answer.

Channeling is often meant to inspire, but you question if a Channeler is a Scam artist. Or if the being Channeled is authentic. Because channelers often seek donations, or sell products to support their channeling. The only ultimate way of overcoming this hang up, is to sit and Channel for yourself. I realize this is not easy for some of you, but practice is key. If you try you will find your own processes. You will make your own rituals.

So I am not going to give you a long Channel about the goings on in Outer Space, or the workings of the Alliance. I am asking you to discover the inspiration that comes from within, and the joy of talking to beings you once thought beyond your reach. Congratulations, on all your progress, as progress is being made on all levels. You had a question in your mind Lisa?

It was so brief it did not stick let me try to remember.

Let me tell you what it was then. Lets think about this together. Yes, I have uncovered it from your mind: Is Disclosure important as others make it seem?

To us Disclosure is of the upmost importance and has to be handled with care. It is not an ending, but a new beginning. I, too, will not give a timeframe.


Laugh. Sorry, but the timeline is not decided. And I do not have the power to decide. That is for my higher ups. So even if I knew, and in fact at this point few if any know, I could not tell. It is not about spoiling the surprise, but about not handing secrets over to spies. Anything written on the web is read, and re-read by spies. If they knew the date they would work to counteract it. It is best not to give out secrets, even to those you trust. So any date asked will be given the answer of not yet. Even if it is years after the date. It is true that the things people connect to Disclosure just might happen long before Disclosure. Free Energy could be released, along with all the technology needed to make Earth more stable without Disclosure. You are in a state of waiting, and not the Now. Be Happy Now.

I am going to be wrapping up this Channeling, Thank you for talking with me.

It is a pleasure, hwaiting!

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