Why no Channels and Blog talk

I have been Channeling on and off, but I find that the messages are either too personal, or to tainted by the influence of other Channels I have read/listened too. I have no intention of stopping listening to other Channelers, because to me Channeling was just a way to write a post when you are out of ideas.

Lee Carroll was asked by Kryon to not listen to other Channels so this tainting didn’t happen. I, however, have no intention of being a Channeler so do not need to worry about others changing the purity of my Channeling.

I might be posting less during December. Simply because I am close to reaching the number of views I had last year. Once the New Year starts up, I will have another challenge to make.

I have, therefore, temporary turned back on the ability to read the whole post in the WordPress Reader.

So while December will be a busy month, I do not need to focus on my Blog as much. I will still post, but not nearly as much as if I were struggling to pass the number of views I had last year.

I will admit that I am not even close to passing the number of visitors I had last year. This year, visitors have been more likely to look through my Blog, and not just read one post. I think it is that my site looks more professional so people are more interested in looking around. (Perhaps some viewers are just looking at my images.)

Either way, I concluded that it is more important to have more views then more visitors. I would try to pass both, but I would need about… 300 visitors this month when my highest this year has been 200 in a month.

So I have a choice: To push for 300 visitors this month, or relax. Below you can see the growth of my Blog. When I first started wordpress, the system would count my own views to the site in stats. I would look through the site to get a feel for the layout, and end up with lots of views. I only had 8 visitors the first year. I started Blogging in June of 2012.

2013, didn’t have too many posts. I took many long breaks from Blogging.

2014, was a year of lucky views for me. A big site linked to a post that I have since then taken down. (I am forbidden to post too much about Family, so when I added my name to the site it had to go. It was a good post though with nothing controversial about it.)

2015, I started out taking another long break from Blogging. Yet, I started back up with a goal to pass my views in 2014. I also had a number of personal oracle card readings that indicated that Blogging was the path I should be following. So I linked my own name to the formally anonymous site. I started adding images to each post, and even went back in time to add images to some old posts. This year was not a year of just getting lucky. Yet, I did have one lucky day where I got a message that the Stats of my site were booming.

stats as of Dec 1

2016, if I focus in the coming year, it should be easy to pass the number of views I had the year before. As you can see I had a great number of weak months, and am only 7 views away from my goal. If December is a good month for views, I still think it will be easy to meet.months Dec 1

So now you know what I say when I say I am a small fish. I wondered if I would be more successful pretending to be a big fish as some people follow sites with lots of Followers. Of all my posts the average views per post is 13. My posts were shorter at first, and not as good of quality. This is not counting the posts that I have converted back to drafts.

insights dec 1

I have seen many Bloggers start out a Blog, and give up because they are not getting enough views. Yet, if you compare my first year of 8 views to 2,518 views so far this year… you will see this just takes time. Hopefully someday, I can link back to this post and it will be even more encouraging for New Bloggers.

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