two_piece_heartLet me try to capture this feeling. It is a strange state to be in, when you want something to be true so badly, but everything you were ever taught says otherwise. Where do you find the truth, when you know that the truth was always hidden from you? When you have been lied to about what is possible, then who can tell you what is impossible.

I can picture it, all those Mainstream thinkers laughing at me. Those who will take one look at the word Channeled and assume everything written is from a crazy person.

I am in a state where I do not know the limits. Bit by bit, I inch further and further from Mainstream. For quite a while, I had believed in only the light and fluffy spirituality, and looked at those so called ‘conspiracy’ theorists as being stuck in negativity.

Yet, I got bored of waiting for Matt Kahn to come out with a new video. I got bored waiting for Kryon (who I found looking up what pleiadian meant) to release some new audio. So I kept on searching for new channelers. New words of inspiration to uplift me.

Along the long winding road of websites, of channeled messages, of blogs. I came across David Wilcock who isn’t known for being a channeler. He taught me that these ‘conspiracy’ theorist were not deluded. They had hard facts and hope in their eyes.

I entered a new realm of what was possible. Looking up to outer space to find angels, instead of simply going within. I was bounced out of the realms of self-centered hope, to be brave enough to picture world change.

Things that would have been just Daydreams to me before, became possible. The Food Printer, the Replicator, and so forth.

The funny thing is, that while I know my family would worry, every step seems perfectly logical to me.

I want it to be true, that the world can change. I want it to be possible for everyone to find peace and abundance. Not just me. While I still sometimes enter Sweepstakes, my old path seems limited. Before if I dreamed for the impossible, I would think of winning the lottery.

Is it really possible that the world could change. That we would be able to create Food from Printers, and no longer needed destroy so much wildlife to get crop land. That the Energy these printers ran on would be Free, and also not destroy the environment. That transportation would be revolutionized so that so many do not die in car crashes. That our transportation could run on salt or fresh water. (Which ever is more available in the area) That it could drive itself at high speeds safely, so family would easily be able to get together when they live far apart.

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