Roald Boom put together Keshe Blueprints

I have been looking briefly at Roald Boom’s youtube channel where he goes through the steps of putting together the Blueprints Keshe released in Blueprint week. The process is complicated so I will just post the main videos.

I am watching this one exactly as I am writing this (just a brief pause at 8:50 to focus on writing).

Well, it seems that this system doesn’t completely create “Free Energy,” as you need to plug in the system to get it running. Anyway, here is the next video. This is the Turn on video. Two fans are turned on with meters that record how much power is used. One is hooked up to the system and one is not. He records the meter usage every 24 hours.

Next is his results after 9 days.

Reading the comments Keshe says that the system takes 3-4 weeks before it works properly. After that the Fan (he will be switching to a light) should use less energy each day.

So you can either check the results in 1-2 weeks on his site, or I will try to remember for you. Just warning that my memory is highly medicated. I forget things often. Yet I can try.


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