Talk of Tea and Water


Please sit at my table for Fruit and Tea

Ever have one of those days where you stayed up late the night before, the sun woke you up, and then you realized that you had left an untouched Chai out the day before. Well today is one such day.

You see I had poured the Chai, and debated actually drinking it, as the caffeine might or might not make sleep harder. I won the debate late into the night knowing I had to get up the next day in the morning. However, once the sun sent its rays into my window, I was awake, and debating going back to sleep. I had two more hours till I needed to get up, but then I remember I had a Chai that had by now gone bad. It was like a bolt of lightning in my debate, and as I had to clean up the spoiled Chai.

I have no idea what one such day will result in. As I do not normally leave Chai out overnight. I regretted having to dump it down the drain because it was a slightly more costly version of Chai made from loose leaf.

The last two teas I made up were horrible (before the Chai), I had run out of my usual favorites and was trying new kinds. As tea is my way of making water more entertaining, the lack of good tea was dehydrating me. Unless a water is purest of pure, I have trouble drinking it. I got Zerowater, but I lost the gadget that tells you when to change filter. So I change once the taste difference is noticeable. Yet, as Ice made from filtered water does not work. (Try it and you will see the difference.) The Ice which makes water taste better, makes it taste worse after it has melted.

I don’t get where I got this extreme fussiness to Water. My favorite is actually an expensive bottled water I got in a restaurant in Italy. The coolness was just right. It was my first time having Pesto which I have concluded is not best on pasta, but on sandwiches. I grew up on Well Water, which might be the reason I find Tap Water horrible, and don’t even like it after filtering it.

So I have gotten creative at times in finding ways to make Water taste better. Before I filtered water, I would add lemon or lime. I didn’t make lemonade, just enough lemon juice in the water and it is not too bitter.

I have written about this before and not posted it. I considered it low on the entertainment factor. As I seem to be insisting on re-writing my post about why I am often dehydrated, I will post it this time. Last time, I went further and into the few foods I do not like. Yet, topics such as this, should be kept short. Perhaps another day. To make up for the entertainment factor being low, I will post one of my better images.

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