Keshe Foundation


This is a video from the much talked about Keshe Foundation.

It seems that they have been selling prototypes of their work since 2012. I have never actually come across someone who has a prototype. There are plenty of hits under Keshe Foundation Scam, but that is to be expected. Does anyone anywhere actually have a prototype, did anyone manage to understand his Blueprints? Which by the way are not easy to find.

I had pushed aside Keshe Foundation, but the Hallow Earth Network has this video on their page. They seemed to be capable of knowledge beyond normal in some channels, but are they deceived in the case of Keshe.

What I do not understand is how this prototype has been offered since 2012, (it is illegal to buy it in America) but nothing is happening. You think by now the Foundation could either be discovered to be a Scam to the point it shut down, or talk about the prototype working would be spreading.

I almost want work with the blueprint on my own to discover the truth. Yet, I lack space to be building such things.

You see the truth is you can not believe whatever you see on the Internet. Whether it be the Keshe Foundation, or those who say it is a Scam. If a government wanted to stop a technology from spreading they could easily set up sites to claim something is a Scam. They wouldn’t have to work hard, as most would assume this is a Scam without having to look anything up. Yet, for those who question the Mainstream, those sites would be needed.

So my action on the Keshe Foundation is to wait things out. I certainly wouldn’t recommend buying anything from them.

As for the Peace Roadmap, I think it was to make a statement. To get people talking about the Foundation and Peace. I do not think they have the technologies mentioned.

I have come across some diehard fans of the Keshe Foundation, who do not understand why I would wait out such a great technology.

They don’t understand that the best way to keep a technology from being discovered in the future, is to pretend to create one, sell it, and then reveal themselves as a Scam. For years I have seen Energy generators being offered as Scams.

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