Hollow Earth Network


I was taking a break from David Wilcock, it was night, and I didn’t want to sleep yet. I had run across the Hollow Earth Network, in a youtube video.You might have seen this kind of video where the text as a robot voice. Well I cannot stand the robot voices, so I look into the description of the video and find a link to the website where the Channeling came from.

I was glad to see one was a radio program. I didn’t not, however, know if I could trust these Channelers. I tend to trust the intentions of the Channelers, having tried a little myself, but there is always a question of who they are connecting to. Is it an reliable being that they connect with?

So I listened in order to decide on my own. I was listening to the Channeling that occurred right before Thanksgiving, not the Healing one. You can find Hollow Earth Network on Blog talk radio.

So based on this, and a few other of there shows, I came to this assessment. There are many different Channelers on the Network, that appear on the show at different times. However, the entity being channeled seemed to know some of the information that David Wilcock recently released in…

The thing is the Channeling I am talking about was from before David Wilcock posted this recent disclosure. I warn you to only read what David Wilcock wrote if you are strong of heart. For it stirred feelings in me of unrest. Almost as if I wanted to be afraid despite being told that the world is changing.

Anyway I made a note to follow Hallow Earth Network, but wonder why they promote storing certain countries currency so much. At the same time they say that there will be no need to worry about money as we do in the future. So which is it? Worry and store currencies, or don’t worry and trust. I would like to call into a show to ask this question. Perhaps there is an area you can write in your questions.

Despite this confusion, if you are looking to listen to some Channeling that I admit, most my family would worry about me if they heard what I was listening to, Hallow Earth Network offers lots of content for free.

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