Sya Talks about “the Event” (channelled)

I was looking for the correct answer to the questions that focusing on the dark cabal has given me. It gave me a feeling of unrest as I understood that deep thought would not revel to me the answer to this problem. Yet, Marieiotc has channeled some food for thought. I wasn’t able to read it until the exact moment I most needed to hear this channel.

It would indeed cause unrest as the cabal fight for survival, but if instead they were awakened and healed, they would no longer fight like a wild animal fearing death.

My idea now, is simply to stop them from doing more damage, and let Disclosure come slowly, and naturally. To much at once would endanger stability. Perhaps Full Disclosure will only come after the current cabal have lived out their lives.

What is important to me, isn’t revenge. For often those who acted were fooled by others. What is important is that the ability of the cabal to hurt others so greatly is stopped.

If the positive effects to society can come without Full Disclosure. Such as an equalization of supplies, and great decrease in war/terrorism. I personally don’t think Disclosure will be important.

Many are hoping that Disclosure will solve the worlds problems, and enable a defeat of the cabal. Yet, what I see is the cabal are fighting all the more fiercely because of fear.

So it is time to put aside revenge, and compromise. Offer safety to those who leave the cabal, not fear of society turning against them. Enlighten them, heal them.

I have a great deal of belief that those who we would most want to get revenge on, felt they had no other choice. I am talking about Bush here. Who knows what kind of web he was caught in.

So perhaps the idea of partly Disclosing is not a bad one. I am sure David Wilcock and many would dislike this. They can go on teaching the Full truth, even after partly Disclosing.

The thing is they do not see the Full picture. Or they rationalize that Full Disclosure is the only way. We need to get creative, for this that might seem the only way is too costly. When given two choices you do not like, find the third.

Sorry for the long comment on the re-blog Marieiotc

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