David Wilcock uses the infamous word ‘Soon.’

Something is telling me that this time, the word ‘soon’ is used in a timeframe I can accept. I will just call it an Intuitive feeling. If I were designing Disclosure soon, I would aim for Christmas. Therefore the technologies released would be a gift.

I realize that not all the world celebrates Christmas, but enough people do that it would be a symbolic gesture.

My history of the word ‘soon,’ might be a little discouraging. As my High School days came to an end, and I was worried about the future. I wanted a sign from God, so that I knew I was taking the right path. Now I wasn’t thinking Doreen Virtue sized signs, I was thinking Life Changing experience signs.

I told God, that if he gave me this huge life changing sign, I would take the path he showed me even if it were difficult. I would be willing to even dedicate my Life to him.

I had been jealous that Saints got to talk to God, and hear an answer. That God guided Saints, and showed them miracles. However, the common person could only read about what God was willing to do for Saints that he only seemed to do for Saints.

I hope I explained well. Anyway, as I begged and pleaded to the Angels, I would get a single answer, ‘Soon.’ High School days turned into College days, and years went by, but somewhere along the way I stopped praying to the Angels.

My belief in God was broken, but years before High School ended I had envisioned placing that Candle of Faith on the water. I knew that a challenge was coming to my Faith, so I placed it out into visualized water to float.

It was my illness that restored my Faith in God, but at first it was a Fear filled Faith. Now you can see has become hardly conventional and I have let go of the Fear. For God is Love.

Anyway, this tweet by David Wilcock reminds me of my journey. Something I remember every time I see the word ‘Soon’ in such a context.


Angel Bows in Greeting

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