Time continues to pass

good_job I cannot say in what time things will change, just that they must. I cannot help, but visualize the tipping sign at some coffee shops, “Fear change? Leave it here.” Yet the world has changed and it is natural state of things to change.

Aye, I have been watching David Wilcock. Most of his sharing of knowledge is positive, and he lightens the knowledge of negative with the belief that they are the ‘powers that were.’

Yet, I hear examples one after another of how the ‘powers that were’ have attacked humanity. Things that just existed because of the extreme stupidity of corporate mistakes, are now on purpose.

I was thinking about the Tibetan teaching to transcend both fear and hope. If we hope, we believe something is wrong in the world. We most realize that everything is as it should be. It is all perfect.

For reasons beyond conventional human understanding it is perfect that the world is poisoned by non-organic farming. We as humanity need to learn to stand up for the rights of the world, and to see past the lies of others.

Giving up fear and hope does not mean that the world will not change. It doesn’t mean that you overlook the opportunity to stand up for humanity and the Earth. It just recognizes the perfection of the opportunity to learn.

For a long time, humanity has been in the night. Night is a time when it is easy to fall into fear. Night is a time when wild predictors hide in the dark. Yet, night is as perfect as day.

The need to hope implies there is something to fear, but fear is a misunderstanding. It is getting caught in the body element instead of the eternal Soul.

Sadly, it is only after death that humans discover that death was nothing to be afraid of. Countless N.D.E. (Near Death Experiences) have a person feeling liberated to learn death is not the end.

While I am attached to life, and not ready to die. Studying N.D.E.’s has helped greatly with my fear of death.

I think this Tibetan teaching goes beyond overcoming fear, but also it overcomes the waiting. In hope you are waiting for change. Change will come true, but you might get stuck in the loop of waiting. It is a teaching about being in the ‘Now.’

So you are not waiting to transcend, or for disclosure. You are in the prefect state for you, now. The world has the right level of knowledge it needs now. This does not mean more knowledge will not come, but do not focus on the knowledge level we will have. See what we already have learned.

If a 4 year old knows not how to read, is that wrong? No, for the 4 year old will learn to read, when taught. His Soul designed that he would learn to read at the exact moment that was right.

So think of the world as being in a developmental stage. It is neither behind its path, or ahead of it. Life always exists in the moment that is Now.

I have plenty of trouble living in the Now myself. Always thinking the right job, or winning my way out of working will make me happier. If one chance disappears, I am waiting for the next. I have a ruthless stubbornness to Hope instead of accepting the perfection of the present.

I have plenty of chance to be much happier, if I stop waiting and decide to be happy now. I am a mellow sort. I do not spend enough time enjoying life.

I am also sometimes afraid, despite knowing that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. I will not list my fears, so I shall not spread them. Yet, despite what David Wilcock says about not being afraid, sometimes I worry. His shows can be fascinating, but it takes a strong person not to be worried.

The best place to turn with worry, is to prayer. No worry is too small for a prayer. If you have trouble believing the power of Pray, I recommend reading Doreen Virtue. Any of her books on Angels should up your confidence in Prayer.

I realize that when I say to Pray, I might come across as highly religious, but you don’t have to be to Pray.

(Note to self: never publish without proof-reading. If someone read this in the original email, the errors were somewhat more then normal.)

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