Mike Quinsey Message, November 13, 2015 ~ Nov. 13, 2015

I naturally trust the Angels to make sure my message does not get into the wrong hands. I am a small fish, and likely will be overlooked, even if I am at times Bold.

This is from the Channeler of SaLuSa, who has recently announced he will no longer Channel SaLuSa. He had planned only Channeling only every once and a great while, but is now trying to Channel his Higher Self.

Rose Rambles...


Aw, how so very nice to hear from Mike Quincey again! I was concerned that due to his decision to stop channelling SaLuSa, we would not hear from him again.

However, Mike is comfortable with bringing us a message from…Mike Quincey, his Higher Self, that is. This message from Mike’s Higher Self is so “right on” target for these times. Now, I believe it is time for Lightworkers to sit back, stay strong in your knowledge, stay away from fear, and…


Dear Friends,
Some of you will not have read that since I stopped channeling SaLuSa events have moved on quite quickly, and that I have since received a message from St. Germain through Nancy Tate asking me to channel direct from my Higher Self. I had not tried this previously, but decided to give it a try, and the message I have received is as follows:

Mike Quinsey

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