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triangle2.1The day has quieted down early. Fridays are my main day off, so depending on my inspiration level, I either post a lot or none at all. The weather is rainy and chilly to the point that some of the Rain has been a slush. So my normal Friday routine of going Downtown for a Free Range Burger is out of the question. I am mostly vegetarian, but if the animal was well treated, I sometimes eat meat. However, if I go to long without meat, my system has to adapt to eating meat all over again.

I was a 100% Vegetarian for two or three years. Yet, not I am a mostly Vegetarian. I got tired of having to buy B vitamins to make up for my lack of that range of vitamins. Yet, I know that a person really only needs very little meat each week. So I invest in Free Range/Cage Free Meat at restaurants once a week. I tend to go for Elevation Burger, because if you are only eating meat once a week you might as well get the Iron in Beef. People normally avoid red meat, but if you have meat just once a week it doesn’t cause heart problems like if you have it everyday.

I have realized that I was talking about Disclosure too much these last two weeks. Matt Kahn really got me to thinking something I knew deep down while watching David Wilcock. I do believe David Wilcock, but don’t think it is healthy to focus too much on the cabal. Just know that you are safe. Your Soul alone is so powerful that it will only allow what it wishes you to learn from to happen to you.

The Soul thinks on a different level then the human mind. It has an eternal persecutive. Unlike the human body which can be scarred, and as of yet, cannot regrow a limb. The Soul has so many levels of protection, that it can regenerate from almost every action. It worries more about the actions it makes, then the actions others make against it.

I have studied many N.D.E. (Near Death Experiences), and in general the Judgement after Death comes from the Self and not God. You will relive your life with greater detail. All the good deeds and bad deeds you have done will be followed to the experience of the person you did them too. I think this is so you can grow in understanding of others. It is up to you to carry the weight or glory of your life. Those who have living particularly bad lives, receive more care not less. They get a specialized consoler to help them in this Self Judgement process.

I can only imagine the long process Hitler had to go through. Feeling the pain of all the people he effected. Automatically in the afterlife, a being feels more Love. Feeling this great Love for everything, and seeing how you have hurt others, is likely not easy.

So while the Law of One says (according to David Wilcock, I never read the books) that those who follow the dark path too long dissolve into the Light. Reading N.D.E. has never shown me this. It has shown me that people will take on the role of the dark being, and other roles as is needed for their own personal growth.

I get to enjoy the High Horse of being a Good Being in this lifetime, but know that in my Past Lives, I have been bad before. I do not remember what I did, but know most Old Souls have been there.

This kind of Self Judgement reminds me of the Egyptian Afterlife. Where you stand to have your heart measured against the weight of a feather. I think this means you go through the Judgement process of your deeds and actions, and then, if you feel like you have earned it, you enter into the Spirit Realm. Otherwise, if you feel you have too much bad to be worthy of entering that realm, you soon return to Earth and try again. It isn’t others who decide you are ready, but you. It isn’t others who Punish you for your actions, but if you feel you deserve it, you Punish yourself.

I think what the Law of One is talking about Spirits that have been bad so long that they are afraid to enter the Light. They have developed enough technology to avoid death, for they do not want to face the Judgement. However, they dissolve from this Realm slowly. Spirits being full of free will, they have the choice of facing their actions, or being reconfigured into a new Soul that starts at ground one. Hopefully the new combination will work, and be able to learn what the old could not.

What I am in a long winded way saying. Is everything is A-Okay. I am encouraging these with bad deeds to not be afraid of going through the Judgement in Death, if they should happen upon this writing. The only place that beings really Judge one another is on certain frequencies of incarnated life. You are more likely to receive Punishment you don’t want on Earth then in the afterlife, and more likely to Punish yourself then anything else in the Spirit World.

For there are realms of spirit even in the spirit world where ‘bad’ souls choose to go instead of facing Self-Judgement. They are afraid of hell, and do not know how to ask for help. Or they believe they are going to hell so greatly that they end up there. Only hell is not forever. The moment you want to get help to get out, you will get that help.

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