Channeling of Raphael

Could I ask Raphael to be channeled today?

Very polite request. What brings you today?

I want to know about the aliens, such as the Reptilians, are they really that evil?

Every alien race goes through the same densities as your race does. There are beings with Reptile blood that are already in this 6th, while there are those in the lower realms as well. Just as every human has a choice of good or evil, so too do every alien species. It would be the same as equating all humans as evil because some are illuminati. Yet, there is something I need to say. All of this is a creation of the mind. By learning of the possibility of the cabal, and choosing to latch onto it, your future reality changed. Now the timeline is setup with humans seeing alien space ships in great mass. If you had rejected the information about the cabal, the darkness would have simply evaporated with the coming light. There would have been no need for Disclosure as every human dealt with their shadow work inside.

Yet, to most of those reading this (and don’t worry this message will be read) they choose to manifest a way to deal with the darkness that it less on a personal level. There is more then one path to Enlightenment. Those who don’t need to have the world ascend with them will do so on a timeline where it happens in small groups. Yet, the vast majority of those who would ascend this way are already ascended. It is an easier path to focus only on personal darkness. However, the social nature of humanity has been such that you naturally wait to ascend together.

So you look to see the dark forces outside of yourself, instead of just within. Yet, the dark forces cannot be defeated on only the outside level. For they manifest from the inside. This is why your spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn, tells you to look for the results in yourself first. He is not saying that there will never be results in the outside world, nor to abandon the world. Healing thy-self is not selfish. It is just that the great mass needing to be healed in the outside world is such that it takes longer then you need wait for happiness.

We take all your suggestions for a better future seriously. You are taught that daydreams are a waste of time when you are young. Yet, we listen to your dreams to shape your future. As someone who chooses a social Ascension, every step will have input from all beings. The joy of Ascending as one is so great that even many of those who have already Ascended by themselves have come back to re-enter the world of the collective manifestation. Each individual gets to experience two kinds of Ascension. The one of the Self, and the one of the Collective.

You are one of those who have decided to return for this Mass Awakening. All those in the early waves of Ascension are Ascended Masters who temporally descended to help others Ascend. There are many Ascended Masters that have never been recorded in history, and many from other planets.

The process is a bit painful at first. Often childhood is difficult, and the Master senses they are not quite the same as the other children. Often early communication is hindered as the Master remembers how to communicate non-telepathically. Yet, in the older years, after the adjustment is made, they begin to shine with promise and talent. Others are drawn to them.

You are one of these Masters. Claim your power, and guide as you came here to do.

Completed. Opened for another question.


You really had a lot to say. Umm… let me think. Green tea.

Yes, I remember you used to type that into searches when you couldn’t think of what to do on the Internet. There is plenty to do now.

How are you??

Joyful to an even greater extent then normal. I get to speak to those in the process of Ascending, and remember my own. Every great being was once the same as you. We feel like we see a beautiful child when we look upon you. You know that effect that humans feel when looking upon a happy, healthy, beautiful child. Only we do not see many of you playing, as children should. Remember to smile, and laugh. Laugher is audible light. It is the sound frequency of joy, and joy is light. Light is health.

If Angel’s were once human, was God to?

God is each and every being. Human, non-human, Ascended, and those waiting to Ascend. So God still is human. You see your language will need a new term, because non-ascended and human are not the same. Some Angels were beings other then human in their time before Ascension. Ascended Masters are human, even after they have Ascended.

I will say good-bye and thank you.

Thank you, but this is not good-bye. I am right beside you and everyone reading this. You don’t have to seat down to a computer to hear me.

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