Memories of Science

waveI have few highlights of happiness, and I seem to follow good food more then I do fun. I have a pile of books I intend to read, but mainly follow short writings in the form of Channelings instead. Hence the hours go by with me fellowing whatever new source of entertainment I’ve found, until it is late at night.

Lately I have been listening to non-mainstream Science on Wisdom Teachings. Yet, I find I can only watch so many episodes in my free time before I need a break. I like David Wilcock’s Teaching. It focuses on the Science without getting into the technical Math. Unlike most people who are good in Science, I am not also good in Math. I got good grades because of my memory, but, to me, math was repeating the steps I was taught without deep understanding.

In Middle School, there was a test to get into the Math and Science Center. I got wonderfully high marks on the Science side, and just enough to get into the center on the Math side. That Summer, before High School started, I had a choice to make. Would I continue with normal education, or attend the Math and Science Center. My parents didn’t push me either way, the choice was all mine.

I remember being so stressed by this choice that one night I went into the backyard while everyone slept. Under the moonlight it became clear that I should not enter the Science Center. My sister had told me that people who entered that center became stuck up, and thought themselves smarter (and better) then others. I didn’t want to become that person, so the Math and Science Center was not for me.

I had scored so well on the Science part of the test, that even though I didn’t complete the application on time, the Center still wanted me to attend. I turned them down.

With this core memory that I had talent in Science, I had considered studying Science more in college. Yet, soon I was too pulled down by my illness to follow side interests. I took a Science class over the Summer at a community college that transferred into my Science credit. So I never really got the full University course in any Science.

Granted if a Disclosure of the Secret Science occurs, I will not have to forget all the misconceived notions of mainstream science. And I think that the current Scientific community would have provided me with layer upon layer to work through before I could seriously listen to Channeling.

My choice, was in a sense, a choice towards my own freedom. Though I did not understand that at the time. I do not know of any Institutions that teach the kind of Science that David Wilcock does. I would love to get into more detail about the topics, for each season could have to be its own separate course in a University. Perhaps I will comment on asking for where one can learn this information in greater detail.

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