Why wait a lifetime for a moment like this…

rainbowI have continued to think about the Disclosure of Corey Goode. If true, it is certainly game changing. I expressed my doubts before, because this is natural for me. Accepting new information is a process, that needs to be handled with a healthy amount of skepticism. As a longtime listener of the Channeler Kryon, I have often heard him asking viewers to put aside disbelief for a short time and listen.

I have less trouble doing this then most people. Yet, even with Kryon, I started out asking my Angel Answers Oracle Cards if I should believe in what Kryon is saying. The answer was, “Yes.”

Yet, my current sources of Channeling seem to be conflicting with the most current Kryon Channeling. Kryon says world peace will start in Israel. He does to focus on the Cabal or Illuminati. Let me think back. I do not recall any such Channeling. He did talk quite a bit about Old Souls being Shamans who lifetime after lifetime were killed if they showed their light. Yet, that the world was changing, after surviving 2012 we entered a new timeline. Before then there was a chance that destruction could win. Yet, by passing 2012 we made it.

Kryon does not talk about any great new technology coming from space, just that there will be game changers in the science fields. He thinks that the transformation of science will come from special humans being born, and not a disclosure of secret sciences.

What I do not like about Kryon’s model is the timeframe. Other Channelers speak of change happening any minute. The technology is already there, and waiting to be handed over. Or the ascension to 5-D is complete, and we are just going through the final moments before realizing our dreams. Kryon has his timeframe over several lifetimes.

You might have noticed I have taken to the technology that Corey mentioned with quite a passion. I will admit to having a long time daydream about being able to create the best quality food out of thin air.

This dream is more detailed. I would create Soups and Sauces in glass jars, that would make wonderful meals. I would donate them to Food Programs for the poor to be able to eat wonderful food. Once a week, I would create Fine Cuisine at the Soup Kitchen, and I would go around to poor schools in Detroit and do the same on other days.

I would be requested to provide food at special events, and they would pay my travel costs around the world to do so. For example a rich person in China would pay me good money to provide food at the Chinese New Year. As you can see, I was able to create the best quality food. It was always designed perfectly for the taste buds of the person who requested it.

I didn’t even have to know what I was creating, someone would request something in a language I didn’t understand, and I could make it. I could provide food in the fridge for my family before I left to travel. The food would stay good a long time.

Do you see how someone who daydreams about providing top quality food, would like hearing Corey Goode’s Discloser about the food printer. As of yet, the quality of food doesn’t seem to match my daydreams, yet that can be improved upon. It is much less exhausting then having to travel from Soup Kitchen to Soup Kitchen, and somehow fit in world travel. Instead of just me having the ability, everyone would.

I don’t want to wait several lifetimes to see this. I dream of a Discloser soon, and one without chaos. Could it really be? What are Food Printers powered on? Are they Solar Energy? Are they powered on an Energy that a person creates themselves?

When I watch Food Shows, like Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I am saddened that I don’t get to try the Sushi. I am sad that nearly all the world will never get to try this legendary Sushi.

What cannot be imagined cannot be created. A world where everyone has enough to follow their passions. Where legendary food is free. Where nature has enough space, and humans have enough space. Where we are finally free. If I cannot at least imagine it, how can it be. So put aside disbelief, and imagine. For the moment you have no doubt that the technology to provide every single person with free food, and energy will come soon. What would this look like?

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