Even my Channeling is off today

sunflowerRaphael, I have given up on Channeling Michael. Could you please give me a message.

What is your issue with Michael’s message?

Not inspiring, and too technical.

Sigh. Well at least you tried to Channel Archangel Michael. You do not have a strong relationship with him, so at such times he can come across the wrong way. I do recommend you post both messages you Channeled from him. Or at least the second one.

I couldn’t get a clear reading at the end. It was like he suddenly stopped talking.

Nothing to worry about, you can try again in the future. Post the message, and let others decide if they find it inspiring. Really. This is the Intro, now place the Channeled message from Archangel Michael after this. Forgive the sudden ending, but he was realizing if he spoke too much the message would never get posted. We would have to ask you not to save or post it.



Hello, I think it is easiest to stay with channeling an Angel for now. I am going to attempt to Channel an Angel I never have before, Archangel Michael.

Before starting I would like to note if I am Channeling a message personally for you, or for your Blog.

I intend to put the message on my Blog.

Then I will stay away from the information you have been learning on Yet, I would like to point out that there are more similarities between the E.T.s and Angels then most acknowledge. So when you were thinking about Channeling a good E.T. or Angel, the main difference was in vocabulary. People tend to use vocabulary to separate, the Starseed vs the Earth Angel. Yet, the essence is the same. For you this is not new information, but your Blog will be visited by a wide variety of people. Hence the message will have to be different. I will spend less time commenting on the other Channelings you have been reading.

(Rest of channel in repeated in next Channeling, as I was not planning on posting it, and trying again. So Archangel Michael decided to repeat.)


Let me try this again. I am looking to Channel Archangel Michael, are you ready?

I am ever ready, but I do not see why you do not post my last Channel instead of asking for a new one.

I concluded it was not the kind of message that would be believed by others. It suggested that a change was happening soon, and I was afraid nothing would change.

I assure you it will. Let me briefly summarize my message. Those who you consider the Cabal are not to continue power in this timeline much longer. They will shift their main experience to another timeline, and a vast majority of the World will not join them there. They will see this disaster that they have spoken of in Movies, and to them it will appear that few will survive. They are simply being placed in a Timeline to play out their Dark deeds away from the majority. You will not have to worry about them much longer.

Will they disappear from our timeline?

Some will die in the shifting of power, but mainly a stand in will take the place of their Soul. A few of the Cabal Souls have decided to face the music of their action instead of going onto the doomed Timeline. They will face their Karma. This time has been delayed so that as many of the Dark Cabal could be saved from this Timeline as possible.

Do you see why I didn’t want to post this? It puts me on the line as having said this is going to happen, and if it doesn’t…

As I recall, you are Channeling. You are a messenger. You said none of this, even if you did type my message into a keyboard.

Who is going to listen to my Channels if there is another delay?

I very much doubt that many of those reading this will hold it against you. You have made it very clear you personally are waiting for the proof. I will have to say you are an interesting person to Channel to. It makes it harder to deliver a message of Hope. Please let me speak a while without Interruption. Are you willing to let me speak?


Good. First off the Whole World is being protected in ways that you do not fully understand. All us old parent figures, who have been guiding you through the ages, have stepped up to make sure this Transition happens smoothly. It is high time that the effects of the Darkest of the Dark be placed out of power. You will be free to pursue happiness. With all the blocks removed society can finally grow to its potential.

Can you not feel joy? For this future you have read about again and again. Why the sudden difficulty in relaying a message. You can read about this great future, and be told it is coming from a thousand directions. Yet, to you, each day seems vaguely similar to the last. Take the risk to hope, and to deliver that message to others. In the long run, it always costs more to give up hope then to risk being the fool.

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