Message from the Greys

Curiosity led me to read this post, and listen to the message. Read and listen only if you are wanting to be freaked out.

If this is true (and I have heard this from many sources) it has been on my mind that the World Leaders are, in fact, just World Deceivers, had no right to make this decision. This is a decision to be made by the Individual. For example, if the World Leaders said you were going to have sex with someone, and you do not want to, it is still rape. Even if they tricked humanity into thinking they were World Leaders, there are still areas that are beyond their control. Furthermore, every human who was a part of this experiment is entitled to royalties on the technology traded.

I am writing this in case this is true, those humans who have suffered due to this are entitled to repayment, and in the future Individual conscious agreement is required before such a process continues.

Their are plenty of sperm banks already set up, and other banks to get eggs. In order to get these, as an alien, the human has to have agreed that aliens can use the sperm and eggs in legally written form at the bank. Perhaps they can get extra money for this.

So in the future all such activity is considered a violation of free will, and will be treated as such by the true powers that be.

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

It is time to present a little more on aliens, or properly, extraterrestrials, this planet being most of theirs, as well.  And many of us are them, we discover, as we begin to find out about our history on Earth.  If you are not open to that possibility, please begin to practice taking ideas with a grain of salt and the honey of possibilities.  This multiverse is certainly convoluted.

This is from February, 1997.  It was posted in FaceBook, where I made a comment.  Then I decided to blog it.

Love and Light has generously provided the transcript of the conversation in a comment, below.

[The Bashar organization has removed their video, so I have replaced it with a voice recording.  The conversation about the Greys begins at 25:25.]

I’m not sure the questioner understood our part in the agreed upon interactions between us and the Greys.  In the US…

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