Explanation of the Dark Cabal

shineThere are many people who scour the News for signs of hidden agendas and the actions of secret societies. I paid 99 cents to try the first month of Gaiam T.V. I consider Gaiam T.V. to be the New Age Netflix. I had been tempted to join this site over a year ago for Beyond Belief. I forgot about Gaiam T.V. as I decided not to join at that time.

I read and listen to a number of Channeled Messages. Kryon being one of my favorites, along with Matt Kahn. Another good one is SaLuSa. SaLuSa is all about the battle between light in dark and a sense. It speaks of how humanity is being held down by what is sometimes refereed to as the Dark Cabal and sometimes the Illuminati. However, there is a resistance that is winning against these forces, according to the message.

When I look at a Channeled message there are a number of questions I ask myself.

Number one being does it give me Hope or Fear. You see we are all shaping our own reality. If we accept messages that fill us with fear, we are not benefiting our life. I do not know much about the world, or after-life. The real answers are beyond my current knowledge, or the knowledge of most humans. We all find our own way of seeing the world, based mainly on what we have been taught. Yet, as we get older, we begin to question. We realize that our reality has been shaped by others, but from experience the unknown remains the unknown.

So any piece of information, I cannot say if it is right or wrong. However, how it makes me feel is the important component. If it benefits me, and harms no one, that is the reality to accept.

So how then could accepting that there is a Dark Faction suppressing humanity benefit me. Without the inclusion of the Resistance, and the message that they are winning against the Dark Faction, it would not. The inclusion of the hope is what makes SaLuSa’s message so powerful.

Lets look at the popular belief of the mainstream: the world is going to hell, everyone is suffering, we are all going to die in who knows how long because of how we abuse the Earth, and we cannot do anything about it.

Really, this is a pretty good summary of how many people feel. Now lets adopt the belief in the Dark Cabal, and resistance. This unpopular belief seems to be: humanity is changing, we will overcome the suffering, and defeat those who have lead us to hurt each other and the planet. In the future we will all be free of the suppression.

Now if you put aside all the bias that your schooling has taught you, which belief is more empowering.

So given the fact that humanity has a very limited understanding of reality, when presented with a new one in a channeled message, should you not be just asking how it makes you feel. Will believing this channeling benefit me?

In the very least, right or wrong, the way I view life is different. Am I living a life where behind the everyday appearances there is adventure, where there are heroes fighting to improve my life and save me? Where my very act of remaining positive, despite everyday appearances, helps in the resistance. Or are the everyday appearances all there is, and we are headed to destroying the planet?

I pick some pretty far out there beliefs, but I am perfectly logical in doing so. I just find it more logical to be happy and have hope then to follow conventions.

Anyway, I have taken a long time explaining why I was watching David Wilcock on Gaiam T.V. late into the night. So much so that I needed lots of caffeine this morning.

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  1. Yes, I prefer choosing to believe in things that make me happy. We are hit with so much negativity, why not choose peace, love, positivity and happiness – since nobody REALLY knows. Nice posts. Thanks.

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