Part II of the Raphael Channeling


Hello Raphael, I’m back. I’m ready to Channel.

I’m going pretend to be waking up. Did you ever think of sleeping at a decent hour?

I tend to enjoy late night, no matter how many times I fix my hours, I go back to staying up.

Would you prefer to need to sleep less? The human genome is changing; we can start making changes to the amount of sleep needed.

I would prefer to sleep just as much, but have it take up less time. So that time speed changed for the sleeper so that an hour of sleep would feel like 8. However, the current society would overwork people even more if that happened.

Society is changing. All these posts you read about the old world order coming to an end are just the beginning. Focus. I am losing you. Do I need to start over now that you are back? Focus. Focus. Let go of distraction.

I don’t know why I am suddenly distracted.

You want to avoid channeling anything about the future, as you are afraid it will not come to pass. Sigh. Focus. You could become quite a good Channeler if you were not so resistant. Let try doing a channeling about the world, and try to focus. Focus.

Okay, so I will begin. The World is changing and you have seen the evidence in the social media. Posts going viral on google+ about the dark cabal… even if they did not use those words. Lets just say a viral post about a family that is said to secretly control the world. Interesting. Then you saw the post about a drug lord being injured on Buzzfeed. You thought, SaLuSa was right. There is evidence of power shifting outside of the mainstream news.

You are hesitant to follow in the footsteps of SaLuSa and try such a channeling. I feel the resistance. You feel inspired to know that the possibility of the game being rewritten is awakened in your mind. You read the Channelings of others, and that it isn’t just smoke in the air.

We have much to say about the workings of the world. This is just how we can start to convey to you a sense of how things are changing. The game is already rewritten, it is just the ending of the old game.

Throughout your lifetimes, there has always been a ruler that knowingly or unknowingly you were suppressed by. The rulers considered themselves everything, and you nothing. Nothing more then the work you could do growing food, or crafting art.

Yet, think of a world were the leaders served instead of benefited from. Suddenly saving the planet would be more important in society’s eyes then the economy. The child labors in China would be allowed an education, food, shelter and freedom. No longer would food be so connected to suffering. New advances would provide enough for everyone.

Yes, it is fine to dream of winning the lottery, but you wouldn’t really be happy while the world continued to suffer. Your true happiness will be beyond money.

Oh you do not want to post this kind of post at all. Even if it were just for yourself, you don’t want to take on the role of good news bearer. You think that because the News comes from you, it is wrong, it will not awaken others to the fact the world is changing. They need to hear this.

For so long everything has been the same on the outside. All the news is about pain and suffering. They are afraid to think of a world where all child labor ends. They think it is impossible. Beyond reality. If you do not point it out as a possibility they, like you, will think the good news they could bring the world would just be in their imagination.

It is someone’s job to step up, and write these words. Because they are like you. They dream of winning the lottery, but do not realize that the true winning is something the whole world needs. 100% of the world needs to have hope. Even the dark cabal cannot think of a world without someone being suppressed. They feel without their control humans would go to chaos. So they create their sort of order, by creating the classes. However, if having humans separated in classes were natural, they wouldn’t have to put so much effort into holding others down.

This time, there will be no beheadings as the French rebel against the Aristocracy. However, this time, a new form of suppression will not follow the rebellion. The World’s Aristocracy will fall, and a new world will be made. Yet, there will not be the same turmoil. This will go down in history as a peaceful new beginning. The peace in the falling will reflect in the peace of the future.

Long have humans dreamed of the future. With everyday so seemingly like the last, know that the slowness of the changeover is to prevent chaos. For a while you will have to live life like this, not winning the sweepstakes you enter, but now knowing you are winning something far more important. Winning the lottery would only bring temporary happiness. Seeing a world in peace, with technology arising from the shared knowledge, as a renaissance of invention results from resources being put into education instead of war. As you learn how to sustainably support every last person, and allow everyone to follow joy. No longer the have not’s dreaming of winning the lottery as their only way out of debt, but where all their family and friends live happily in their own power.

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