Bentinho Massaro

Just chill’n with Raphael


Is there an Angel who would like to be Channeled? Is there anyone to step up?

You have quite a thirst for Channeled messages, but you have discernment. It is good you did not follow the fear based Channeling that you ran across. It is test, it is put in front of many people before they are proven ready to change their reality. For if a human is given too much power to change their reality, and they come from a place of fear, they would not like the power at all. For they would end up in a world of fear. Everyone has a certain element of what you refer to as manifestation power, but it is slowed and dimmed for a reason. When a spirit is still young, they fear the monsters in the closet. If that fear was able to produce a real monster in the closet, they would not enjoy their power one bit.

It is much like the tests before a human is allowed to enter the mystery schools. The knowledge of certain channelings is not meant for everyone. Yet, do not fear who will read this Channel and if they are ready. If they are not ready, they will turn away from the post without reading it. They will think, ugh another Channeled message, and back away. So without fear, do what you must do. Write what you must write. Do you ever find it funny, that the Internet is filled with trolls and yet no one attacks your site? You have such controversial messages, and yet negativity has not entered this place.

While in the future trolls are possible, as people will slowly come across your site in a matter of testing. They will be shown a post, and it might challenge them. Do not expect it for a while. We have not been directing anyone to your site, who is not ready.

Ask me a question, if you wish.

Who are you?

Your friend Raphael, you asked for an Angel to ‘step up,’ and even though you thought not Raphael he is too into garden metaphors, and not Michael he is to bossy, you did not bar me in your request. You have never channeled Michael, but you assume you will not like him. We Angels are not easily offended and understand, but it saddens us when you do not let us speak when we have something to say. When you thought of Channeling I was the first Angel that came to your mind. That was my way of saying, I wish to speak.

To a certain extent a humans thoughts are private even from Angels. We can guess from the kind of energy exuding from you if it is positive or negative and guess, but thoughts are private. This is where Bentinho is wrong in the message he gave about the future. Yes, humans will be more connected in the future, but certain thoughts will remain private. If you think about a certain person or Angel, that person or Angel can sense it. When you start thinking about channeling an Angel, because Angel channelings are likely more popular then Nexus. Because it pertains to us, we can hear that thought. In this future that Bentinho is thinking about, it will be much the same. Where the quality of your energy will convey your thoughts, but not the thoughts themselves. Just as a human’s facial expressions do.

So this will come to pass?

Not in the time frame you think of. You will experience this future, and so will Bentinho. Yet, the process of entering this future will be distant.

Will I die and return before it comes to pass?

Death will not be the same as before. As of yet, the exact path of the future is undecided. Either way, it will be you with all your current life memories, and Bentinho with all his current life memories experiencing this future. Either you will live a long time, or you will come back to Earth to experience the fruitarian of your efforts.

You are feeling the state of waiting. Waiting for the party. Waiting for the joy. You do not see the energy you are opening up just by Channeling this message. You so not see the magic woven into the words. Every letter in the alphabet has the power of potential. The power to be words of positivity or negativity. While I do not imagine you would like to Channel a negative being, in choosing to bring forth a being a Love, you bring more Love into the world. The opposite would do the opposite.

Do you see how words are like magic? They hold manifestation power beyond the present moment and into as long as those words are seen by another. Just as when a smile brings a smile to another face, positive empowering words bring a smile to the mind and heart.

The future is golden. The new golden age, though it might be called the Crystal Age, for all the Crystals that will soon be a part of your inventions. Already Crystals are hidden inside this computer. You will find them more useful as your understanding of them increases.

You stopped sending a message.

I am waiting for a question. You seem to be in listening mode, but with a little direction I could start answering your questions. You channeling so openly without a goal in mind, so far I have been mainly talking to you, but you will publish this too.

Others need to see free flowing Channeling. Even though some would be more comfortable thinking they are talking to their Intuition, a fragment of themselves. It is true that everything I say needs to be translated into your understanding. It is limited by your knowledge. If you had not known that computers had crystals inside them, I could not have conveyed that knowledge quite so easily. As of yet, humans have to learn how to talk in the new way. The way of this future Bentinho spoke of. Where mind-to-mind communication occurs. The problem is no longer that you cannot hear this kind of communication, though it isn’t said words. It bypasses hearing altogether with you, as you do not want to hear. You would worry if I spoke to you. So I send concepts to your mind, and your mind senses what I am saying.

You are learning through Channeling how to listen in this new way of communication. We speak to you because most humans do not know how to speak yet. The ability to listen has been opened up, so we talk to you as a parent teaches an infant to speak by talking. This is the first stage. You need to learn how to connect concepts sent to your mind to words you know. Just as a person learning a new language looks up words translated into the language that is native to them. So in a sense, today I am talking, to be heard. So you can learn a new language that exists without the limitations of sound. I’d say you are doing pretty well, as I can read they words you translate my concepts into.

I pause every now and then to give your mind a break. Rest. Drink your liquid. It is an interesting combination of Green tea powered (Matcha), milk and sweetened condensed milk. I thought you readers would like to know what you are drinking. I can sense a few wondering in the future as they read. Also this post is getting long. You might want to take a longer break, and start a new post with the next channeling.

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