Can’t fathom what to write

Here I sit, in front of a computer. My hand supporting my face while I wonder what to write. Should I Channel? I wonder for a moment, but conclude this is hardly the location for such.

A cold wind was a blowing this morning as Fall is finally starting to feel like Fall. I looked at a tree bright red, and wondered if I should take a picture. Naw, best continue walking.

A pause in writing as I continue to support my chin. Momentary thought. What should I write?

Students walk by, blue jeans. Fools in shorts. Perhaps it has warmed since morning. A gentle sun falls in the window, across the walls, across the ground. The general sound of people talking. Someone walks closer. I look up to see they do not need help. No they are just walking, hand and hand. Talking.

Everything written has been deleted. A ‘No I don’t want to say that’ kind of day. Even though I have written many things. A email. A few comments. Here I am suddenly unwilling to express myself.

The sun creeps further along the floor. The tacky carpet, everyone complains about. “I didn’t think the carpet could get any worse, but they managed it.” I really don’t mind it much.

Hmmm. What to write. I scratch my head. Pretending inspiration hasn’t struck several times, only to be rejected.

Rejected. No, I did not write about wishing I had my Oracles Cards, or what I wanted to ask.

Rejected. No, I did not write about repetitively receiving the Romance Card for years with no human Romance. Sure I’ve flirted with Fae here and there. Which is going to sound really strange without an explanation.

Rejected. No, I will not explain.

I think it best to leave things hanging, with a very unusual post. I best not be Highlighting how unusual I can be.swirl_flower

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  1. Actually, this is a really cool post (not that the rest aren’t 😊). Observations of the moment, simply life happening around us and within us.

    I love the fall, the first chills in the air. It feels like a time of reflection and appreciation. Where I live the leaves only turn from green to brown then fall off (LOL), no real beautiful colors. But still it’s a wonderful feeling in the air.

    Makes me want to pick up my pen and chicken scratch all over my journal…..hmmmm…that sounds like a plan….😆.

    • Thanks, this is more like my writing in my youth. Only in my youth I made no sense bouncing from one observation to another. I sure sound old. I’m only 30. I look younger however so can pass as a youth yet.

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