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Reposting even if it ruins my chances of winning. If you are a Starseed, or think you might be one, this is the giveaway for you.

Personally I am thinking that this is a great idea. I should try a Giveaway. I might have to do some serious artwork, and have a giveaway someday. Or maybe I can let the winner pick from my digital works and get it printed on good paper. If you see this Tim E. Bush, you could try my idea too. You are already a professional enough artist to have plenty artwork that deserves to be on a wall. I need to up my skills before I am confident. I hardly ever do serious work. I am usually listening to a channeled message at the same time, so only give the artwork half focus.

Encounters of a Star Girl

I’m offering a FREE TAROT READING to the winner of the Giveaway.

Here’s how to enter:

Visit my Starseed Tools Page

Share my Starseed Tools Page

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Good Luck Everyone!

Click the Rafflecopter link or visit

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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