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I am in the early stages of setting up an account at I just launched my page

I decided to go with the monthly account, but was a little frustrated with a few limitations in setting goals. I wanted the account to be monthly, because I was unsure what else to make it. So on goals it said I needed that amount monthly, when really I just needed it all together. So I decided to stay simple with one goal, but I really have many. If ever I earn through Patreon $79. It will be used for a WordPress Plan to remove ads.

A fellow Blogger has been on Patreon much longer then me, and has not had much success. I pledge him $5 per month. The first month I think I gave him $25. So I do not expect quick success. It is just set up to get started. It could be a way to fund my Blog without ads, and someday help me update programs.

I have a lot to learn about Patreon, but thought I should give it a shot.

Please have a wonderful day,


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  1. Hey, Lisa!

    Patreon just suffered a pretty big data breach, I don’t understand the full extent of it but this may discourage donations through them. Just letting you know as it may have an effect. (I only found out because I didn’t know what Patreon is so I searched for the name LOL).

    Take care,


    • I think they will recover. Thank you, I overlooked that breach because I’ve been used to so many of them. Ebay had one once, along with my bank, about three times a year I need a new debit card due to a breach. Maybe I should look into another website. I use Paypal on Patreon and never added a credit card. I don’t know if they allow credit cards to be used.

  2. I know they will recover, the damage is really in ‘trust’ of the donators. The section of the company I most recently worked for dealt with data breaches (I was only indirectly involved with that aspect, I dealt more with physical – paper record – losses) but a lot had to do with PR, not losing the customers trust. There was a huge team that met about it, from many parts of the company, when a breach happened, any breach from tiny to huge. All kinds of damage control…I do trust them with my data still because I saw the efforts put in…

    These things do happen all the time. I have no experience with Patreon or how it works. Your system of using PayPal without a connected debit/credit card sounds like a good idea. For someone whose life savings is connected to PayPal via a debit card, it gets pretty spooky.

    Anyway, keep on keeping on 😊


    • Yeah, I don’t like my information being on the Internet. All I think they were able to take from me is my main email, and password. I have many passwords, but was unsure which I used for Patreon. I had no personal messages through the site, and at that point no artwork up.

      It is scary that my bank keeps on getting breaches.

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