Open ended channeling: See who came through

ringsofringsWho do I have the pleasure of channeling today?

The Gentle Autumn Sun

I am unsure of what questions to ask Autumn Sun, could you introduce yourself?

Young I am yet, and not yet grown to maturity. I greet my life, as the new Autumn looking forward to all the things I am told to celebrate. For you humans you have seen many Autumns, yet know that this Autumn has been born anew. Celebrate this Autumn as if it is your first. For it is the first for this sun to shine this way. While the Sun Shines on fading life in the North, the world is waking from Winter in the South. So the World is constantly in one of two main phases, life or death. Autumn is the time to celebrate death. Nowhere is this more clearly manifested then the holiday of Halloween. It is a time to face death and the fear of death.

It is the time of Harvest, and taking down gardens.

Yes, the last bounties of the time of bright Sun. For normally talking to the Autumn Sun you would greet an aging Sun. Yet, this year is different. This year the element of birth in the South is so powerful, it over shadows the dimming of life in the North. Still, I have enough wisdom to know that Winter follows soon. For you see there is no Autumn Sun, just the Sun in a certain light. Always I offer life. Autumn is just one aspect of my being.

Why are you young?

You think of old, little one, but not only was I young, I am now reborn. Much care was taken so that my rebirth would go without harm to my children. Just like the Human Soul goes in incarnations, so does that of the Sun. Yet, I do not forget the old, I remember all that I have seen from my spot. For everything my light shines on, I see.

What wisdom do you have to offer us humans?

You would be foolish to believe that only humans read your Blog that this point. For your Internet has a number of extraterrestrials, who read unnoticed. They study humanity safely; you are such a unique human that you interest them. Be sure to say hello to them, and your government readers. The government readers can be very bored at their job, but I assure you that some of your posts have brightened their day. Some of the sites you have visited and topics you talk about have made it so that they pay attention to your Internet activities. They also will go mostly unnoticed.

Hello E.T. and Government Viewers. But Sun, you totally avoided the question on wisdom.

I offered you the wisdom of knowledge that you are not going unnoticed. Everyone knows of the invisible Government monitoring, but few know that extraterrestrials are doing the same. Nothing bad will come of this.

What will my Government Viewers think of this revelation?

They find you very disjointed in your pursuits. One moment you will be watching k-pop, and the next browsing the material they wish was not on the Internet. The Government knows of that extraterrestrials browse the Internet. Though it might not be in the knowledge of the person assigned to read this post. They are having a rough day; it isn’t an easy job to monitor the Internet.

You are not giving me a channeling, as I would expect from the Sun. Am I still channeling the Sun?

To fill in your reader, you put out a random request for someone to channel. You touched base on a number of different extraterrestrials and angels. Which for some extraterrestrials, you can refer to them as Galactic Angels. The Sun itself being a little outside of your channeling range we stepped in, and tried to talk like the Sun. You being the smart sort were able to identify the front. Just think of us as some of your galactic readers. If you ever wish to hear our comments on a piece, just channel us.

Who are you then? Pleiadian, Arcturian… etc.

I ask you not to label us. For you have readers from many races. Just know that we support you, and often wish we could comment on many of the Blogs we follow. Unless we are being addressed in a channel, we are not allowed to step in and pretend to be human. You do not know much about the different alien races, as you had to look up the name of any race other then Pleiadian. I ask that you do not do much research about the aliens, as humans have an incomplete picture of us at present. Sorry to step in on your channel, but we have no rules against stepping in when a human reaches out in channeling. Especially one so open. If you had address a particular group like the angels, we would have been pushed aside by the angels. Not many humans are brave enough to do an open channeling. As we are not listed in the human races of aliens, we don’t get the chance to speak often.

Well, thank you.

Your welcome.

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