Old channeling: I think I was addressing an angel

Here is one of my early channelings. I thought it a little too weird my Blog at the time to include a channeling.

What are the Faeries?

I’d say the Fae have a different meaning to you then others. There are many forms in the Spirit world, but often the same thing will have different human interpretations. Faeries are a broad one. If you study the human lore you have a great variety loosely tied by a nature theme. Yet, even humans can be tied by a nature theme, everything on this Earth was made from nature. Even the so called ‘man made’ things.

Some of the beings in the Fae category are in fact labeled as aliens by Starseeds. Yet, they are very much of this planet. They care for it deeply, even if they seem alien to you. There is a broad spectrum of beings of Spirit. Who have just come to accept that humans cannot see them. They exist in the same space and are of this planet, but humans, in misunderstanding might call them alien.

You are a Starseed in a sense. A mixture of space that has been on the planet so long, it started to forget non-human form. Yet, in this lifetime you are remembering you galactic origin. You have been here so long that being once from another place makes you no less an Earthling. It is the same with many of these so called aliens. They are just beings you are not readily aware of. They have often been here just as long.

With the common theme of Faeries, that your society takes on. It is just one form that spirit can take as so be understood by humans. When we enter the human vision, if we cannot be explained by the human, we scare them. So we appear as little winged creatures, because the human often delights in seeing a Faerie.

It would be helpful for you to disconnect from the defination of Fae, or Alien. Just see it as the unseen. Often there is no difference.

Side note:

What do you really want to manifest? Your energies are so scattered. Where one moment you want a Full time job, the next a successful blog, and finally the escapism of just winning the lottery. It would be better if you just picked a goal. How can we help manifest for someone who is so unsure?

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