Namir the Wondercat, back up!

A lot of people see me being positive now, and I know if they read this blog a few year ago they would have noticed a change. A radical change. Yet, in 2008 I had a blog called Namir the Wondercat, I wrote a lot of posts for it. By George, I am going to go back and review that old blog. (I really hope no one reads it, most of it is horrible.)

Be weary, I have written a few things I am not proud of on that Blog. I was highly medicated. Judgement wasn’t mature. Yet here is a Throwback to 2008. Something about this post stands out to me. (Most the posts are embarrassingly bad. I see now why that blog never took off. I had a different style of writing then.)

On a Tuesday at a coffee shop

Some fruits absorb water like crazy when you raise them off. (ie Strawberries) Ohhhh… my head is dizzy-like. I am tired. Want sleep. Noooo! It is too early for sleep. Want sleep. OH oh oh woe woe. Must focus on other stuff.

Okay, ok. It is the next day. Last night after writing the above I watched Naruto and then wondered into bed where I in a sleepy slumber attempted to sleep. Tossing and turning, wondering how I could be so tired and not be asleep yet I slowly disappeared. I found myself dreaming about missing the bus and then handing out Christmas gifts (in particular saying some Jewish saying I cannot remember).

An annoying alarm woke me up. I wanted to just turn it off and go back to sleep. My mind thought that it was the wrong day to be up at this time, but I also knew that it is the right day.

So I went off to class. I felt stupid in class. The stupidest I have felt in any class since Elementary. (I am not used to feeling stupid.) Something about the atmosphere.

I volunteered at the Humane Society on Monday. Much fun as always… I couldn’t walk dogs because they had changed the policies so much I need retraining. So I ended up petting cats until I ran into a sick one that sneezed all over me. After which (for the sake of not spreading the sickness) I was forced to cut my cat comforting short, and find something else to do with my time.

1) Portable Solar Panels (that can fold up and safely fit in a book bag.) to use with computers that have non-glare screens. A day with your computer at the park.

2) Online website where you can sponsor real animals! (Inspired by Neopets, lol)You go through pictures of animals, decide ‘this is the one for me,’ and oversee its care.

3) I know there was a third one somewhere… I’ve forgotten it. I know it was better then number 2… oh, no…cannot remember it, but I will go back to an old idea. A website to gloat about volunteering. The more you volunteer the higher your rank. Yet volunteers might be the kind of people who could be targeted on the Internet and might be more welling to for example… meet someone who they think is a fellow volunteer?

Good day!

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