Medication is not what you think

Hello Family,diamond

I have been attempting Channeling. This is the result, I actually wrote this part myself. I am speaking to an audience of Starseeds, and Earth Angels. It uses Lingo that you would need to do a bit of study to understand.

This is
the time when I wish I hadn’t posted by Blog on Facebook, so I could write freely without worry. I, however, think this needs to be heard
by Lightworkers.



This day and age is said to be going through an accession. Energies are being increased to high levels to boost the process. However, some humans are extra sensitive to such energies, and will go into a state that their body cannot handle. Namely their mind is not designed for it. The medical community calls this psychosis. Scientists inspired by Spirit create the medications that so many Lightworkers tell others to go off of. Together they have created a very grounding compound only to be used by those humans who are extra sensitive to the energy. It is good that it requires a prescription.

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  1. Hey I was googling something and randomly came across your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts! I was curious about this channeling. Could you tell me more about what you think it means? Thanks 🙂

    • I have revisited this topic many times. I tend to waver back in forth a bit on the medication topic. However, this one means that Scientists get in a channeling state when doing lab work/research. They are influenced to make choices in order to create medications that are beneficial, by beings in Spirit. Call these beings what you will their Higher Self, Angels, God. However, what they are bringing through to the world while being guided in their discoveries by well-intended beings is designed to help humanity. This isn’t just the Scientists who research new drugs, but also new technologies. In the case of prescription drugs, these are designed to help a certain condition. When this condition is a Mental Illness the substances created tend to ‘Ground’ the body. Those with Mental Illness are often not as ‘Grounded’ into the Earth reality or at least when psychosis is involved.

      However, many Lightworkers have a bias against taking medication. I have personally been told many times in person and on the internet to stop taking my medication. The first time the individual also advised I do a thorough Detox… which I think would have just made Withdrawal quicker. Now I am somewhat of a Lightworker myself, but I do not support such suggestions of stopping all medication.

      Anyway, I am always glad when someone goes through and likes an old post. I get to remember when re-reading it.

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