Can I Channel with a Keyboard

I am going to attempt to Channel in a light way. Normally I have tired Channeling with a pen and paper. For some reason it just feels like the correct way to do it. I am in a public place without a journal, so I am stuck with trying the keyboard. Lets see if I can connect.

Question: Should I Channel more often? With or without pen?

Will first off when you use a pen you are extremely slow. You are not used to using a pen. You’re hands start to hurt because you hold the pen so hard. Feel how lightly your hands are held above the keyboard. Not only that but you forget spellings when you use a pen.

You should Channel when you feel drawn to. Just like using Oracle cards where you held onto them a long time before you used them, so to will you only use Channeling when you feel ready. See this is easier then before. You know the use of a keyboard.

I do not mean you need to wait a long time before you are ready to Channel, just that this is one of many tools for you to note and use as a tool. I enjoy watching you use the Oracle cards, but you do not think deeply enough into them. Even now in this reading you are on the surface of the Channeling, but that was your intention, no?

Think of this like a conversation, but one you can review afterward. Some talk to God, and never write it down. If they wrote it, they could discover it after. Human memory can be fleeting with much forgotten because you are not yet ready to understand. This is no different then a prayer, that it is written, does not make it bad.

So you asked for guidance and I gave it. I suggest you ask that other question now.

Me: I kind of forgot it.

It will come when you are ready. If it is important then it will come again. Relax. Take a moment to think.

Question: What is the question I am forgetting?

You forgot it for a reason. It is not meant to be asked yet. This happened to your first oracle reading yesterday. You simply forgot the question. Do not push the memory. You have an interesting habit where is something is misspelled and you know, you cannot continue. You need to let go of this when Channeling as you will often come across words you are not familiar with. You forgot how to spell fleeting… now lets note what you just did. You stopped a Channel to look up the word. You need to stop this.

Sigh. I have a recommendation. When you are not too self conscious to record a Channeling, do so. Start with your hands on the keyboard to get you comfortable, type out a few words. If you get stuck in the Channel switch back to writing mode. This way you will not misspell anything. You will not have to wait and type out what is being said. Written Channeling is still good for when you don’t want to make any noise, but you have a beautiful voice, and it is time to use it. It will take some getting used to verbal Channeling that is, but it is better in the long run. You are a slow typer which is the perfect pace for you to really think about what you are writing, but in conversation you are much faster.

Let go of the need for a perfectly spelled Channeling. You are just a beginner in this realm. This is just light practice, nothing to deep or hard to understand. You have something you should be doing about now instead of Channeling. It is time to stop.


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