Angels: one or many

You have heard before that we are all one, would it not be the same with the Angels? I was taken aback when Kryon stated that putting Angels into different ranks, and personalities was us trying to put a human face on the Divine. Yet, what does this mean? Matt Kahn, one of my other favorite teachers says that to get lost in the belief we are all one, is to overlook the beauty of the diversity of form. ‘Yes, we are all one, but that is besides the point.’

What I believe is, that the Divine tries to present itself in a form we can understand. Angels are the Divine’s way of relating to humans, just as easily could an Angel appear as an animal, but for us to feel more connected it takes the shape of a human. So why would the Divine not also take the shape of human organization for us to relate with?

In reality the Angel we think of as Micheal might not be ordering other Angels what to do, but, in understanding that other Angels are Divine, simply passes on the knowledge of a Prayer. If you think of the Angels as different parts of the body, and the force behind it the Soul of the Divine, it makes sense that he would trust other parts of himself to do a job without needing to order anything. So different Angels could be different body parts, yet each complete as a full cell, all one yet each unique.

When I was in the Angel Workshop and trying to Channel a message from the Angels, I asked the question, “One or many?” I had the understanding that the written question was just a symbol of the larger question that the words of Kryon had woken in me. The answer was that it doesn’t matter. Then I proceeded to get personal advice like waking up to write in the morning… which I have not followed. Seems whatever Angel I was connected with found it more important to take this chance to give Angelic advice then to explain the Universe.

Perhaps I will try Channeling an Angel again in the future. Yet, I have it official from an Angel that the focus is not on understanding the Angels completely, but knowing Love. It does not matter if you see Love as coming in a hierarchy of Angels or from one Divine source. What matters is that you know you are Loved.

Even through I do not officially Channel much (I’ve tired it only twice), I do feel guided in my writing process. Writing and Channeling I think are similar, where a good writer will often find themselves Channeling without even knowing it.

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