It’s Not My Stuff!

I like the idea of clearing for the collective Matt speaks of. It makes me feel like I have an impact greater then I ever imagined.

Being someone on disability, I felt I wasn’t doing enough for the world. That I was just a leech of resources, no matter how much I helped others.

Yet, if all those years, instead of just being locked in my room, I was clearing the collective, I can look at those years differently.

I was completely overcome by Schizoaffective for at least two years of my life. What if that time of suffering was when I took on the greatest purification for the world.



So recently I have come across this fantastic website, and I’ve been listening to this guy Matt Kahn who is a spiritual teacher, and I kind of like him. Everything that he says DOES resonate with me…I get it. One topic in particular that he speaks about is this idea that most of the “CRAZY” that we go through in our lives is US clearing out stuff from the collective unconscious. In other words half the stuff that we deal with isn’t even ours! This idea really got me thinking.
When you begin using the law of attraction and when you begin this “awakening” period, one of the first things that you are taught to do is to take responsibility for your own actions, for your own thoughts, for your own limiting beliefs that have caused so much “CRAZY” in your life. This was a very liberating thing for…

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