My limited psychic ability

I have one psychic tendency that is confusing. For example, I will write a story about a depressed person who lost belief in God because God didn’t kill them like they asked. Then months later there will be a story in a book about a depressed person who lost faith in God because God didn’t cure their depression.

This could be a coincidence, but it happens all the time. It is so frustrating, I cannot tell what comes from my own creativity or my psychic ability. It is not just with writing. I will start thinking about a topic right before randomly reading about it.

This is a seamless ability. So natural, I cannot control it. I do not foresee events, but rather ideas.

My intuitive voyage has not been what I imagined. I have books piling up that I intend to read. I know I should meditate, but instead I watch music videos… k-pop. My progress has been slow, but I have changed greatly since I started this blog. I started out afraid of what God thought of me. Then I got to know God better. God=Love not Fear. Love would not hurt me, but instead guide me.

I need to take the dive, and begin my learning. Goal=Healing

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  1. I completely sympathize. The road is rough when you first start, but if you stick with it I think you’ll thank yourself for it later. Learn to enjoy those little moments rather than be frustrated by them; it means you’re on the right track. One day you’ll be able to write the story that needs to be told rather than one that already has been.

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