Writing differences with age, and memories

When I was maybe in Middle School I sat down to write a book. The descriptions were detailed, but I became lost when it was time for dialog. I was a shy kid who didn’t spend much time talking.

Many years later I sat down to write a book again. After years of reading Manga, which is mostly dialog, I no longer was good at descriptions. Suddenly all I could think of was dialog.

I fear I am becoming like my Mother. My Mother talks so much, so quickly, and leaves little time for response. Now, I am hardly a quick talker, but rather an unnatural one. I started life as a listener, but now I get so lost in my own world that I hardly need any response. This is good for writing blog entries, but not for friendship.

I have the best conversions with people who refuse to be solely a listener. I need someone who will state their opinion, even if I don’t ask it. When I was young, I felt I would need a social boyfriend. I felt I needed someone who would do all the talking, so that I didn’t need to. Over the years that has changed. Over the years I learned my opinion was important.

I, however, never learned how to make friends. I will go to social events, but get uncomfortable when it becomes time to socialize. The whole reason I went to the event was for friendship, but am still very shy around strangers.

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