Off topic post: K-pop… again

First off I will talk about the artist Henry. He is a member of Super Junior M who is currently promoting solo. Being Canadian he easily recorded an english version of his song Trap. I secretly wished that this song could become popular on iTunes and shot him into fame outside of Asia. Yet, the American music industry tends to corrupt people, and slowly ruin them. So maybe fame limited the normal k-pop solo artist is enough.


The ever popular singer G-dragon just came out with two music videos back to back.

The first was Coup d’etat. After watching the video I was afraid of backlash from an artistic scene where G-dragon is painted pitch black. I was afraid of people calling it Blackface. With a bit of nervousness in my belly (for G-dragon’s sake) I checked the youtube comments. A few people did get offended, but not too many.

The second music video is set in London. It is called Crooked. It shows the downside of a  puck rock lifestyle.

I would love to get lost in this post, but just ran out of time.

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