Atlantis: why didn’t they share?


I just read an account of someone experiencing a past life regression. They said that they lived happily in Atlantis, where science and spirituality mixed. They said, in Atlantis, there was a full understanding of DNA.

Now I might not be very knowledgable about history, but I have never heard of ancient society understanding DNA.

So if Atlantis existed they didn’t talk to the outside world. Even if they didn’t know about DNA in Atlantis, they are reported to have had a very advanced civilization. They did not, however, share anything with the outside world.

They shut themselves off from the world, which is their downfall. When Atlantis went down so did all the knowledge. Even knowledge of their very existence was rare.

If they had shared, they could have changed history. If they had not shut themselves off, then when disaster stuck some of them would have been traveling. Therefore, someone would have survived.

If just a few Atlantans were traveling in order to help create a better world for everyone…

So what was the mindset of an Atlantan? They seem selfish. They must have thought themselves better then non-Atlatans. An over-abudance of pride?

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