Soon, lack of signs, and crystals

I have spent some time in my life talking to Angels. When I was younger I would ask for proof that I was not just talking to myself. The Angels would reply, “Soon.” I would think, ‘Soon’ as in tomorrow, or ‘soon’ as in a million years because, quite frankly, I think our definitions of ‘Soon’ do not match. Your idea of soon might be a very long time to me.

Not that long ago I asked for two signs to prove I should go forward and try to change medications. Sign one came within a day, but sign two never came. It turns out that the medication I was changing to was more expensive then I thought, and will be until 2018 at the soonest.

Within the last month I asked for another medication related sign. This one would have required a huge sign in order for me to listen. I asked for a sign if I should try to survive without medication. I gave one week for this sign to come (because limitations of time are not limitations to God). I guess I am staying on my medication.

I brought a Jade pendent, and was so excited to have it I wore it to bed. That night I had so many memorable dreams. The next day, I was even more tired then usual. I hope this will disappear without the dreams disappearing. The effect was so great that I am going to try to use crystals and gems to cure my sleeping issues.  I am just going to get a whole bunch of crystals related to sleep and put them under my pillow (might have to get a second pillow if things get too lumpy.)

P.S. I am quite confused that aviation, transportation, and videogames became suggested tags for this post.

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