Jon Rappoport ~ Last-Minute Thoughts For July 4: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I think the wooden leg named Smith is a classic. My niece told me that she understands it, but it isn’t very funny. Maybe she will change her mind one day. I think it is a powerful joke, because it was written in the 60’s and is still understood today.

I don’t laugh when things are funny. The only time I did was when I took a class on humor. The point of the class was to laugh, and learn about laughter. So for a while I learned to really laugh out loud. I usually just think, That is clever.

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Here’s a synchronous piece from Jon Rappoport about the incredibly subversive power of laughter. Oh, yes! There’s a reason that in Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks frees himself from the banksters when he finally gets the punch line to: “I once knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith.” “What was the name of his other leg?” Fuddy duddy, stick in the mud, Matrix-Man Mr. Banks starts laughing and he can’t stop until he runs home and takes his happy family to go fly a kite.

Jon’s story about his visit to the Sistine Chapel reminds me of a story I texted my sister yesterday after I read that having a bird poop on you is good luck “unless you wipe it off.” LOL, who wouldn’t wipe it off?!

In the Summer of 1990, I stood in line to see Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square, Moscow. This was meant to…

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