As carbon dioxide continues to increase in the atmosphere it would have been easier to breathe in the past. Each breath would have been full of more oxygen.

The world is losing so much, so quickly. I feel guilty for all that the earth has lost. Even before modern times, we hunted to extinction so many species. The blood of Mastodons, giant kangaroos, and so many flightless birds are on our hands. We didn’t understand extinction at that time. Now we do, and most of us feel powerless to stop it. I sure do.

So many horrible once in a lifetime natural disasters have happened close together. How much more time do we have. Will we make it?

At the same time we are so close to Utopia. Our knowledge grows everyday. Soon we could have the technology to live on earth without destroying it.

It is strange to go about life day-by-day while living in one of the most important historic moments. What we do now determines the fate of human kind. Will we live in the billions, or will only a few spots of human life survive.

I do so wish I could capture the passion I had before becoming medicated. Sure I was crazy, but fire burned in my eyes. If only I could have that drive back without the craziness. Even with the importance of the moment, I am not moved to do anything.

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