Job interview ahead

To calm my nerves I am saying prayers. I feel that if God wants me to have the job, I will get it… because I prayed. I put it into God’s hands.

I have prepared for interviews before, reading possible questions one after another. Yet, this time, for some reason, the nerves are making preparation difficult. I am stopping to watch a video here, or google a prayer there.

Normally I calm my nerves by studying. Something is telling that prayer is more important this time. Have I changed? While I was saying prayers I thought how nice it would be to be payed to pray.

In history there used to be people who were payed to pray, scholars, in return for funding these scholars would say a prayer every night for each person who funded their studies.

I am still without an organized religion. I don’t know if I will be a religious drafter all my life. I don’t fit into anything.

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