Writing: an ongoing relationship

I have very slowly been reading the book, Divine Intuition. It has inspired me to at least try out this writing thing.

You see I have a strange relationship with writing. I, sometimes, enjoy writing blog posts about my life and ideas. I dream of writing fiction, but enjoy writing posts more.

I really do dream of writing fiction a lot. I have the outline to an entire novel in my head with many details that have built up over the years. Being just in my head the details have faded, and I don’t even remember most of it. I have theoretically been writing a novel for most of my life.

The build up can be quite daunting, so I have tried writing other stories as practice. I, however, do not have confidence in my work. What I write is never good enough. Unless I gain confidence I will never enjoy writing fiction as much as writing for a blog. Writing for a blog is like talking. Fiction requires more creativity, and better grammar (if you don’t want your editor to hate you).

I have a long way to go and this is a new path for me.

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