Backward progress on weight loss

After my trip to mexico I have been having trouble staying on my diet. I am not at my goal weight, but there is so much tempting food everywhere. My sister and me have an agreement that there just are not enough non-food related businesses in the area. There is also better food in the city I live in then in much of surrounding area.

The quality of food I eat as an adult far surpasses that which I grew up eating. I come from a big family with a small budget. My Mother was/is good at saving money, but not at saving money and having quality. I was never taught to cook. The food we ate came from cans and boxes. The knifes for cooking were dull so what little knife skills I developed were far from skilled.

Perhaps it was moving from this desert of tastiness to a higher quality tastiness that makes it hard for me to lose weight. I also eat out more I should, because cooking for one person is expensive. Recipes often require lots of ingredients, and I take the bus (no car) forcing me to carry everything I buy a good distance.

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