So happy – off topic K-pop post –

I know this is totally off the topic of this blog, but two of my favorite bands came out with a music video today. First off is 4Minute, this video has such a funny unexpected twist.

Next is SHINee, the video isn’t nearly as good as their last. Maybe because Jonghyun could not film due to broken nose. Taemin does a wonderful job filling for him, but something is not quite right.

Many months ago Jonghyun kissed Taemin at a concert. There has been some debate over whether it was for the fans. It was a Japanese concert and in Japan many females read manga about homosexual males. It is a popular genre and maybe like looking in on a forbidden world (I never read this kind of manga). There was huge backlash from the kiss. South Korea  is very conservative and the Jongtae petition was started to try and kick Jonghyun and Taemin out of the group.

The possibility of them being together makes me happy. They spend nearly every day together so their bond must be strong. Whenever I find people who share such a bond, it makes me happy. For example: Simon and Martina from Eat your Kimchi. Totally adorable couple. Honestly, a little jealous too.

I would like to think, that someday after SHINee is over, Jonghyun and Taemin will come out and inspire others who might think themselves alone. This video might explain more elegantly then I can.

I really ended up writing a lot more then I intended. I have been avoiding the topic, but I am Bisexual. Yup, a Bipolar Bisexual. I am not exactly in the middle of the Kinsey scale. I like females just a little more. I want my life more together before I start dating again. I would really like more friends first too.

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