Milk cancels out the health benefits of tea, but Almond milk doesn’t

I love Matcha lattes, but know that the casein proteins in milk cancel the health benefits in tea. For calorie reasons I have been thinking of switching my Matcha lattes to almond milk. Then I had a revelation, almond milk does not have casein proteins so if I switch I will get benefits of tea and almonds! The trick is to avoid having dairy on the side. For example: I had Green tea and greek yogurt for lunch today. I did not mix the two, but my stomach did.

I am so happy. Green tea helps burn fat and almond milk helps burn fat. Together is they are one powerful weight loss team.

I think the vanilla flavored almond milk would taste best. I used to add just a little bit of vanilla syrup to my Matcha lattes. They taste good together.

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