Angels in my Hair, by Lorna Byrne


Angels in my Hair is a lovely book. I am currently reading Stairways to Heaven which has not been released in the United States yet. The first book shows a little what living in Ireland would have been like in the time Lorna was a child. There is a part in this book that makes me question Lorna’s truthfulness. I decided to overlook this statement and enjoy the book which is uplifting and heartwarming.

As follows is the statement that upsets me and an explanation of why it does. The rest of this post will hurt your enjoyment of the book as you might question Lorna’s seeing angels. So you may want to stop here. Spoiler alert!

She mentions running into a poltergeist in an old abandoned cottage. She writes that an angel told her that the poltergeist was brought into this world by someone doing Dark Magic, or using an Ouija board. Would Tarot Cards be much different than using an Ouija board? Do I either have to accept that I have brought poltergeists into the world, or that Lorna Byrne is not telling the truth?

Now it is upsetting that Lorna, who says in her book that your particular faith does not matter to angels, would single out Ouija board users as bringing evil into the world. I don’t know, maybe the Ouija board needs to be used a certain way for the poltergeist to appear.

After reading the book I watched a lot of Lorna’s youtube interviews. I noticed that her descriptions of people’s guardian angels were often the same. Tall and green. Now maybe guardian angels actually share these two characteristics. I wouldn’t know as I have never seen them. Lorna often repeated the same stories in her interviews which made me question if she rehearsed.

Yet, if Lorna didn’t have a reputation of being a good medium, I think someone would have written an article about it. And perhaps she repeated herself because she is asked the same questions repetitively.  In that case, I would repeat myself too. I am just upset about the Ouija broad because logically it extends to many New Age practices. She is a medium, and I picked up the book at a New Age bookstore.  Is there something inherently evil about Ouija that I don’t understand?

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