Joanna Macy

I watched Joanna Macy in these videos posted by Laura Bruno and I was inspired, but I fell back into my hopeless mindset soon after. Its all fine and dandy, but what am I supposed to do?

I am in slumber. For years I have been living a half life. It is like I have given up on the world, and am waiting for the time bomb to explode. While, for my nephew sake, I hope for a new world, but it seems so hopeless at times.

Sure I can buy different foods, but that is about the extent of my powers… or is it? I really wish I could be someone great enough to change the world. That I could leap out of my slumber and inspire others. The survival of the world seems so far out of my hands, and I know the path we are walking is not the right one.

If I were to say to you: “Really think about where you are spending your money. Each penny is a vote. Where you spend your money decides what companies/people will be in power. Do you want to vote for the Farmers Market to continue, or a company that suppresses farmers?” Would you even listen to me? Would you repeat it?

In a sense that is what I think Joanna Macy is hoping for, to inspire someone who inspires another, and another. Each inspired person can make changes in their life. She is the person I wish I could be, the person lack the confidence to be.

I was once actually on the path to greatness. Then my illness (Schizoaffective Bipolar) came and I turned from empowered to disabled. I let myself be disabled. My motivation disappeared and I turned my back on my talents.

How can we make a difference? Suggestions are appreciated.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Joanna Macy is my hero. For real, not just an expression. She is truly the woman I most admire, and she embodies the courage, determination, heart, wisdom, compassion, and love for this Earth, humanity and this uncertain moment on our planet, that I try daily to embody in my own little way.

Some days are better than others.

Today, after walking outside and being bombarded by trains, cars, horns, exhaust and blowing trash leftover from this morning’s pickup … after feeling confronted by the ugliness of factories, bare trees, dirty streets and the sad stumps of trees who used to reign supreme on our property before it called to us last Fall … Today, I really needed to hear this Joanna Macy speech. It’s one of the most poignant and inspirational talks I’ve ever heard:

Here’s the Rainer Maria Rilke poem she quotes at the beginning of Part 3:


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