Progress slows dramatically, employment, and health

Last week I only lost .2 lb. Kind of disappointing to be hungry all week and still not lose weight. I slacked off a little bit, but kept under the amount of calories Livestrong says I need to lose 1.5 lb a week.

I currently have a job, but hours are very limited. It is time for me to find a new job, but have no idea what to do. When it comes to job searching time I say a little prayer that my fingers will find me the perfect job. It hasn’t worked. I pray for guidance in my job search, but I mess up all my interviews.

I have not had my period in three months, but no sex so no children on the way. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and I guess he will meet me briefly and order a blood test. Perhaps my hormones have been impacted by my medication. It was a slow build up, but has finally hit the point where my period stops. So I might be trying new medication.

This could be a good thing. Zyprexa is expensive even as a generic. The new medication will be more expensive, but will end up costing me no more then Zyprexa, because my insurance will take over the bill after I pay $3000 a year. Zyprexa used up this $3000 completely.

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  1. Wow can’t believe you have to pay so much for your medication. That must be real hard. Keep your chin up – weight loss doesnt always follow a set pattern and you can expect to face a period of stagnation before it comes falling off. Good luck

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