NASH and weight loss goals

Here I am seating at the computer with a desire to search, to learn, but I have no idea what to search for. Today I was diagnosed with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). The only current treatment is to lose weight. I am in the very beginning stages so perhaps weight loss will be enough to save my liver.

The amount the doctor told me to lose was two pounds a month for six months. 12 pounds should not be hard to lose and I want to go beyond it. I have been wanting to lose weight for a while. (My medication can cause weight gain.)

When I was younger I would look at myself in the mirror and think, “I could be an attractive person if I was just motivated to lose weight.” I was actually skinny back then. My self image is still skinny. The person in the mirror just doesn’t match the person I feel like. Now I have it, the motivation to diet. Looking my best wasn’t enough, but NASH is pretty serious.

I have joined LiveStrong, and will request to see a nutritionist. I rented some workout videos from the library, but I ended up doing Yoga. The movements in the videos were fast and hard to follow, and Yoga is something I have more experience with.

I have been a vegetarian since March of last year, but quickly fell into the category of Cheese vegetarian. A cheese vegetarian is someone who eats too much cheese in replacement of meat. I will admit I am not a complete vegetarian. I still eat fish, and have fish oil (for my bipolar) every night.

Why still fish? The reason I became a vegetarian was because I could not stand by the mistreatment of animals. Fish I think receive much better treatment. This is on my list of review at a future date. I am tempted to have a little chicken every now and then. 

My ability to cut meat out of my diet shows that I will be able to cut other things. I have the willpower. In my life, in the past, I have given up meat for a year twice before officially becoming vegetarian… many many years later. (Those two years I gave up fish too.)

So as of Friday January 18, 2013. I will avoid cheese, and instead drink skim milk for dairy. I will switch over to chocolate nibs (if my nutritionist permits it at all). I will choose the healthier Sushi and ask for brown rice. I will track my calories, fat and such on LiveStrong to keep me on track. I will use Whole Grain Noodles. My danger area is chocolate and caffeine.

I have already requested Angelic help on my new quest. Having a little backup never hurts. 

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